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Excessive Condensation

We had a replacement skylight installed by Artistic and have problems with excessive condensation when the temperature drops below 0 degC. This is not a light misting around the corners and edges, but large drops which cover the entire inside surface of the skylight and have to be removed every day. The humidity within the house is kept below 40% and there is not a condensation issue with the other windows.

A shade is closed at night to limit heat loss and deal with the cold draft that comes down from the skylight (as are blinds drawn on our other windows). Artistic claims this is the problem, but even if the shade is left open, condensation still occurs, although not as severe. At lower temperatures, even having the shade open is ineffective. Furthermore, I do not think that excessive heat loss should be tolerated just to accommodate the skylight.

Artistic makes the dubious statement that humidity at skylight level can be up to 100x greater than in the rest of the house. If this were true, then an incredibly low 10% house humidity would translate to an impossible 1000% at skylight level. Artistic also makes the ridiculous suggestion to use a dehumidifier in the winter.

I believe that a product should be designed for real world conditions rather than expecting the customer to bend over backwards to accommodate the product. I cannot recommend Artistic skylights.

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Company Response

Thank you for providing your feedback and letting us know about this issue.
We apologize that our service or product did not meet your expectations. We set a high standard for ourselves and are truly sorry to hear that standard was not met in your dealings with our company. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. However, rest assured, the product installed in your home is a tested product that meets all the latest standards and passed a stringent quality control check in our factory. We have been manufacturing skylights for over 40 years and have seen condensation issues arise on all types of different fenestration products (windows & skylights) throughout the industry. There are many factors that can cause condensation on the warm side of a skylight in the winter months, but high humidity level in the home is primarily the most common problem.
Please feel free to reach me personally via email or phone, and I would be happy to discuss the issue at your earliest convenience.

Nenzio Ferrazzo,
Architectural Science (B.Arch.Sc)
Project Manager,
Artistic Skylight
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