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Melanie in Scarborough
Melanie in Scarborough
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Buyer beware of return policy

For a home renovation project in 2010, I purchased all the faucets and plumbing fixtures from Bath Emporium and the service and prices were fantastic. The total was approximately 15K. Fast forward to 2018 . After a flood happened and the faucet purchased in 2010 needed to be replaced. I attended the store and dealt with Jasmeet. At first it seemed like nothing had changed from 2010. I attended the store and explained the flood to Jasmeet and shared I needed the exact same faucet I purchased in 2010. Everything seem normal, Jasmeet looked it up and placed the order for the replacement faucet. Upon pick up, a male employee asked why was a replacement faucet purchased after hearing the story (cannot recall name) and indicated the original faucet had a full warranty. He advised to return the old faucet for a full warranty. All seemed right with the world and the new faucet came home. The insurance contractors that were repairing the kitchen took the replacement faucet out and installed it only to discover, Jasmeet had ordered the incorrect faucet. She was supplied the original model and invoice and our file was still on record. The faucet she ordered could not attach the side spray (also purchased from Bath Emporium) as she ordered the incorrect model number. This in essence rendered the faucet useless. I didn’t think there would be an issue to return it. I was shocked at the lack of support from Jasmeet. She denied any responsibility in ordering the incorrect faucet, and proceeded to refuse a refund. I will be filing a small claim court action against this store as it is unacceptable to not accept a return on a product they incorrectly ordered. For any future buyers. Heed my advice. The store deals with great Canadian companies; however, I draw to you attention their return policy. It is at the stores discretion. Which in essence means, you better hope you have no problems with your items or they will not accept a return. For any future projects. I will definitely stick to a larger box store which also offers quality service and great brand names. I recommend you do the same. If you run into any problems with your order. This store will not support you. Regardless of how much you spend or refer to them. I hope this review is helpful for any potential customers, make sure you ask about their return policy prior to placing an order. It is very risky to order from any store that only does returns at their discretion.

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