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David C
David C
0 reviews Pickering, ON

11 windows + patio door

Replaced all the rear windows and patio door in our home. Our salesperson, Moustafa, was very accommodating and thorough as we walked through numerous options as this was our first window purchase. They were patient while we did diligence validating their claims elsewhere. Moustafa took the time to validate they could properly support a casement window in the large size we wanted (stress on the frame, etc). Price was reasonable and no sales pressure.

What we did learn was the windows are only half the solution and the quality of the install can make/break your experience.

In that regard, Andrei and his crew were excellent. They took their time to get it right rather than "clock out" at the end of the day. In fact the crew missed Halloween with their families with how late the stayed.

Minor hiccup with the screens misplaced between factory and destination but they got them to us without issue.

Install looks great. Seals look good, clean and smooth. Patio door works smooth. All windows operate well *after installed* (so nothing is out-of-plumb after the install). It has rained hard post install and no sign of trouble.

Immediate impression is that we are very happy. Ultimately it will take a few years to determine if the product continues to impress. The Moustafa + Andrei combination worked very well for us.

On the product side - we chose their Advantage Plus. Vinyl, w dbl glass. Tripple was an option but also heavier and could cause concern for support in the frame in the larger sizes we were looking for.

One competitor had the lock mechanism inside the frame which was cute but nobody could answer how it would be replaced/serviced if necessary. Pollard's is in the channel and exposed but hidden by the flange unless you are sticking your head out the window to look at it. The competitors looked nice however we preferred Pollard's option as it's obvious how to service it down the road.

I think we did our homework on this project and we are very happy with the outcome.

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