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MyQuay from Oakville
MyQuay from Oakville
1 review Oakville, ON

Dining Room

When my dining room was delivered, I noticed that one of the chairs was damaged so I refused the chair. The store said they would send another chair. It was worse so I went to the store in person and they gave me another chair...when I looked at it, I realized that they gave me the one that I had previously returned! They put the damaged chair back in stock hoping that some sucker wouldn't notice! I had to go through 3 other chairs before I found a decent one and then I had to assemble it myself!

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Company Response

MyQuay, Thank you for your feedback. I tried to find out what happened but, without your name, I could not look up your specific order. If you would like me to, please contact me at the store.
Without the specifics, I will try to explain our system and speculate on the possible product.
All orders are opened and inspected before delivery, to make sure that they are up to the manufacturers standard. In some cases, damage may occur on the truck. In many cases, when we sell "distressed" , painted, or heavily grained goods, a customer may find a product "not acceptable" for aesthetic reasons, as opposed to structural defects. All merchandise that is returned to our store is inspected for structural integrity,and again, to ensure it is up to a vendors quality standard. If that is not the case, it is sent to our shop for repair and clearance. If, in our opinion, it is up to the manufacturers standard, it is put back into our saleable inventory.
We don't do it in order to "pass it off", but because it is deemed to be up to standard. In your case, trying to find the right chair, you should never have been shown the original chair. Our error, and our staff should have assembled the chair for you. Please accept my apologies for that and for your experience. It is always our goal to have happy and satisfied customers.
If I can be of further assistance to you, or you would like me to look further into your specific order, please contact me directly.


Jim Fee
Vice President
Stoney Creek Furniture