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Decor-Rest Sofa purchase from The Bedroom Shop Newmarket

If you do not want to read the detail below, here is a summary:

• November 12, 2018 we ordered a Decor-Rest sofa and custom toss cushions. Paid 50% of the total price as deposit.
• At the point of sale we were told potentially we could get delivery before Christmas, but end of January at latest.
• Countless emails and phone calls in-between late January and end of February with assurances it will be “next week”.
• February 28, 2019 at 4:19 p.m. received a call advising our delivery time will be between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. March 1.
• March 1 received a call at 11:10 advising us the new staff forgot to pick up our sofa the day before.
• Received assurances it would be picked up March 2, but there is no way they can deliver before March 8.

The long version:

On November 12, 2018 we ordered a sofa and toss cushions (cushions come with the couch but we upgraded the fabric at an additional cost) from The Bedroom Shop in Newmarket. We were told “hey maybe you’ll get it before Christmas”. The sales person couldn’t guarantee that but dangled that prospect. Just prior to Christmas my husband called the warehouse (once the sale is complete this is the procedure) and was told definitely not before Christmas and it is scheduled to be delivered mid January to end of January at the latest.

In the meanwhile I email our sales person to ask for the measurement of the sofa from the arm to the floor (this will determine what height of side tables to get). I had looked online and they had all the standard measurements, but not this particular measurement. I emailed her because of the fact that the sofa is in the store and I wanted to save a trip. In the subject line of my email I included the invoice number. I received a response asking for the invoice number. I advised it was in the subject line. I then received the measurements that are online which are not what I was asking for. I responded thanking our sales person but reiterating my request. I never heard back.

Mid January and still no sofa. Multiple phone calls have gone back and forth telling us “next week”. Next week comes and no delivery. February 13 we were delayed yet again and received a $100 credit for our troubles. We were advised most- likely the delivery would be February 23. On February 21 an email was sent asking for confirmation of the sofa delivery. We were told it would be the next week. This was after my husband arranged time off from work. We were then told it would be the first delivery of the day on March 1. On Thursday, February 28 we received a call at 4:19 p.m. telling us that the delivery was going to happen between 9 and 1 the following day. On March 1 we received a call at 11:10 am telling us that the sofa was not picked up yesterday as they are having staffing trouble and the new staff missed our sofa. Yet another day of us arranging to be home and no sofa delivery. We were advised the sofa will actually be picked up on March 2 but they could not delivery until March 8 despite the endless inconveniences. We were told the owner was in Costa Rica returning on March 8, and that there is no way we would get a delivery before that. My husband has rescheduled his work for this (he only gets paid when he works) and we have spent too much time following up dealing with this awful experience. We have been given every excuse from: the manufacturer being closed for two weeks at Christmas (this fact was not conveyed to us at point-of-sale), to the manufacturer gets thousands of orders a week, to their quality control won’t allow them to release the couch, to now the new delivery personnel forgetting to pick it up.

At this point we would be okay with cancelling the sofa and receiving our deposit back. We were told, this too, is not an option. It actually is. It would require that the company eat the loss, but they are unwilling to do this. Every delay, every issue is as a result of them, not us.

Without question, this is absolutely the WORST customer service experience in 35 years of our adult life. Not only would we NEVER consider purchasing from this store again, we would NEVER recommend anyone to buy from this store.

From the point of purchase, (November 12, 2018) to March 4, 2019 it will have been 16 weeks. On Tuesday March 5 we will be entering our 17th week of not having this couch. Aside from the $100 reduction on the balance outstanding, they are not willing to budge on anything else despite us having to constantly rearrange our schedules and follow up throughout this time. They are not even willing to deliver us the couch on March 2 when they claim they will be picking it up.

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