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PN in Minesing
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In-law basement suite plumbing problem

We hired Morton to build an in-law suite in our basement complete with a kitchen and bathroom in an open basement that had existing perimeter walls but not much else. We're on septic so a holding tank and sludge pump would need to be installed to empty into the septic tank. I'm not completely dissatisfied with the work that was completed. In fact Im pleased with the carpentry work and he did complete the project which can be one of the biggest issues with any contractor. So for that Im grateful. What Im not happy about is the ongoing plumbing issues Ive
had with the holding tank they provided and installed in the basement. The issue is the way that tank was plumbed into the existing main stack and the venting that was improperly connected to our main bathroom venting. It should've had both a dedicated outlet and vent which we now realize. Initially we had a problem with the basement toilet and sink draining properly. Ray told me to take a cap off one of the vent pipes and voila they worked properly. He didn't understand why there was an issue and admitted he's not a plumber - yet he did the plumbing personally. Uncapping a pipe thats tied into his venting to correct a draining issue means there's a venting issue. He never came to investigate. Instead Ive run my own dedicated vent because the one he installed filled with water. Without ripping the finished ceiling down in the suite I can't say how he connected it but it wasn't done correctly. So the venting issues are fixed and I capped off the previously uncapped pipe. Problem number 2 (no pun intended) is on occasion we get a sewage smell in the upstairs moments after the holding tank empties. Its not every time which makes it difficult to narrow down but this spring when my father-in-law is up north Ill be taking the drywall down and running a dedicated pipe from the holding tank to the septic tank inlet. I had considered squeezing Ray and having him come back and correct the issue at his expense but like he said, he's not a plumber. Ill do it myself which is mainly just my time and some minor outlay for pipe.
So if we had not had any plumbing work done I would've given him 5 stars.

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Company Response

This job was done 6 years ago fall of 2014, I have also never heard from you since then and was unaware of this problem at this time. I do remember there being some sort of plumbing issue once we completed but I thought it was rectified. Morton carpentry is very good at taking full responsibility for any warranty issues I really do stand behind my work!!! I am really sorry that this has happened and do understand that you would not want me back in your house but at least give me the chance to make it right before writing this review. You also wrote if it wasn't for the plumbing problem I would get a 5 I think you mean a 10 lol lol, since then Morton carpentry complete home renovations only uses highly skilled licensed trades.