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N in Leslieville
N in Leslieville
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In the fall of 2008, we entered into a contract with 310-ROOF to replace the roof at our Leslieville-area residence. Unfortunately, the completed work and subsequent repairs have been unsatisfactory as we have encountered numerous leaks costing us several thousands of dollars in damages.

A brief history of this situation:

Fall 2008: Roof replacement completed. Paul from 310-ROOF supervised the work.

Winter 2008: We noticed water leaking into the house. Paul told us it was common ice damming and not an issue. He promised to visit our house to inspect and repair the leak but did not.

Winter 2009: We awoke to water pouring in through a light fixture. As we investigated, we discovered a massive amount of water damage in multiple rooms, on both floors. As Paul was out of town, Mike (co-owner) from 310-ROOF visited the site, guaranteed quick action, promised several times 310-ROOF would cover our insurance deductible. 310-ROOF conducted emergency repairs.

Spring 2009: The cost of repairing the damage was approximately $28,000, involving several new walls and new hardwood flooring throughout the house, all completed via our insurance company. The work took 6 months to complete.

Fall 2009: Following repeated emails and calls to 310-ROOF to claim our promised payment and confirm they had completed all necessary final pre-winter roof inspection and repairs, we one day found a cheque for 50% of our insurance deductible in our mailbox. There was no communication from 310-ROOF about any inspection or repair.

Spring 2010: We discovered a new leak in another part of the house and soon discovered a further large amount of water damage. So much water had entered the house due to the most recent round of poor roofing work that we had to tear out a large closet and cut several large holes in the wall. Paul promised quick action and 310-ROOF conducted emergency repairs. Due to our lack of confidence in 310-ROOF’s thoroughness, we initiated a full inspection by a roof repair specialist. The inspection revealed numerous deficiencies in 310-ROOF’s workmanship. Immediate repair was completed by the specialist. The cost of repairing the damage from the latest incident was approximately $4,000.

From the above, and through inspection of our large collection of photographic evidence, it has become clear that the quality of 310-ROOF’s workmanship has been unacceptable from initial installation through several attempts at repair.

We have tried to contact 310-ROOF repeatedly to discuss these issues further, but they do not reply to our calls or emails.


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Company Response

As of March 29, 2010, Paul no longer has any involvement with 310-ROOF Inc. For all potential customers who are looking to Homestars for guidance on choosing a professional roofer, 310-ROOF Inc. asks that you make your decision based on reviews which have no reference to Paul.