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Leak Test

Terrible experience!! Lenni sent his wife to do a leak test in my pool in 2016 and it seems that she does not have enough experience as she spotted a leak in a wrong spot. I called him and let him know that I couldn't find any leaks where they had said. He was rude and told me that if he went back to my house, he would charge me again. It ended up that when he went, the leak was not in the place his wife had said :( Such a waste of money and time. Then he said that after I fixed the leak, he would come back to retest it but he never did or responded any of my messages. Stay away from this company!!!

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Company Response

LOL - Competition Review

I'm going to call 110% BS on this review and I'll gladly point out the obvious as whom ever wrote this is simply trying to tarnish our name. Here's a few points proving otherwise.

1. This review is from undisclosed user

2. We haven't had ANY leak disputes in 10+ years

3. Our Anderson Leak Detection Equipment is literally fail proof as it sends electeicticty through the pool and pin points exactly where the electricity is escaping, which is the leak. Look up our page Premier Pool Group on facebook to see a video of how it works... it's similar to sonar technology it doesn't lie.

4. The leak track tools cost over $3500.00. I can't count how many backyards we've walked into and Jodie has found the hole before I even have the leak track set up lol, her name of eagle eye is accurate.

5. This leak you claim is from 2016 detection yet a review is only written in 2018 and under a hidden name?

6. We dont recommend clients doing any repairs and most clients that we deal with dont have the knowledge or tools to do so. However, If and when a client want to do their own repair we do not offer any free secondary visits to the property.

7. Plumbing Leak Detection is done with Air and Water underground under 15 PSI pressure. Similar equipment is used to hear the bubbles leaking. Locating leaking plumbing underground that is not exposed visually is within a few inches of the loudest sounds underground.

If this review is a honest one, which I highly doubt, no client has ever called me back to reschedule a leak detection that I can personally recollect or have any emails / text messages that we've repaired.

8. All leak detection has a 30 Day warranty

9. All labour on repairs is lifetime warranty

10. If you've read this far, we hope you have a good day


Lenni Walton
Premier Pool Group