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Nataliya in London
Nataliya in London
2 reviews London, ON

Never would suggest this company to anyone.

As a minimum words: I repeated several times my request to have overhang in front of sink cabinet 1 1/2 inch in front of doors of the cabinet.
The outcome: the island counter was placed at 3/4 of inch over the door of base cabinet, while both counters at the wall were placed with overhang of 1 1/2inch as I requested for the island, not for those counters.
Next, abuse, bullying, threats, screams, pressure, words of promise to break counters if I dont pay for work.
I didn't mean not paying, I was requesting to fix their mistake!
Ali was listeninig with his replies that this would be a little too much. He can do over 1 1/4 inch overhang and this would be it.
My story: the previous kitchen got doors at the base cabinet ruined due to water damage, builders placed counter in level with the doors.
Huge expences followed with buying and installing all new kitchen.
The outcome: Amir came with the intrument, measured all. On my request to have overhang as 1 1/2 inch in front of the island table on the side where are sink and dishwasher he replied that Ali already told him that.
We discussed the wood or plywood to place under the island countertop as I saw it was at some other place. Amir focused on this. First, he didn't want to do this. Then he suddenly changed his opinion, agreeng to place thick plywood as dishwasher produces lots of heat.
The outcome: the countertops at the wall have overhang 1 1/4 inch. The island table has 3/4 of inch overhang over the sink and dishwasher (front side)!!!!
The island table sides are in 1 inch, the dining side overhang, opposite to the sink is longer than was requested by 1 inch!!
The following story will be in the file of text conversations with both Ali and Amir.
The question from Ali, when I showed him the distances: "We can't move it as there is not enough space between sink and the metal beam of the cabinet". Then, "what do you want us to do now?"
Then, "do you want to break it?"
I didn't know anything about the technicalities of the process.
Next, "you don't want to pay!!! I'll sue you!!!"
I explained, I agree to pay but please fix this!!
Shouting, rude words, offensive statements, bullyng. That what I received in the answer.
Further, Ali began to tell I never told to move counter a bit to the front.
But, how it appears that the counter is by 1 inch longer on the opposite side then? How it appears that the conters at the wall are at 1 1/2 inch over the doors of base cabinets? Who considered for this depth then?
Next, Amir called me and screamed, abused, bulliyed me at the top of his lungs. If I don't pay, they will enter the house and break the countertops, if I don't pay, they will bring me to the cort.
Dear future customer. I consulted two proffessionals in the installation of countertops. Both said, this is late to fix!! if I try to remove the counter, then cabinets will be damaged. I paid much for them and the installation.
I can't fix what they done wrong!!
They don't want to get in to financial damage for their own wrong.
Now, I asked my contractor, who knows how to all that process, to call Ali and Amir to talk, to discuss the matter.
Ali replied, if I don't pay they will enter my house and break counters.
What would you do in this situation?
Please really avoid using this team.
They might change the name of the company, but they wont change their own names.
I asked my contractor to call to Ali to see what can be done to fix the position of the countertop. The outcome: Ali threatened to come and break the countertops.
My contractor urged him this will be the tresspassing.
Would you like to have to deal with the business like this?

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Company Response

For anyone who just read the review we just need to clarify a few of these issues that Natalia claims to have with our work
We NEVER told her we will come in and break the countertop, what we told her is if we come and try to move the countertop around we will possibly break it.
The overhangs were supposed to be 3/4" which is standard from the face of the door which is 1 1/2" from inside the door, she keeps insisting that she wanted 1 1/2" from the face of the door. when we were discussing overhangs Im the one who mentioned it is important to have 3/4" overhang to protect the doors from spilled liquids. as I recall Natalia wasn't even sure about what I meant about overhangs until I explained to her.
On our phone conversation about the balance she wouldn't allow us to speak and kept speaking over us and every time we spoke over her she would start yelling and telling us to stop bullying her.
we did mention going to court in order to get paid because anyone inspecting the work would know that our job was excellent and it was very disrespectful not to want to pay the balance and start causing us all these problems because you misunderstood something .
most of our clients are returning customers and as you can see from all of our other reviews we know how to take care of clients and do good work and this review will not affect our reputation at all I just thought it was necessary for us to clarify all of this.