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Doug in Toronto
Doug in Toronto
1 review Oakville, ON

Bathroom renovation

We hired Red Stone Contracting to renovate the main bathroom and ensuite bath, based on their website, testimonials, ratings, local realtor advertisement, showroom, expected start date, and the claim that they are professionals who could do the job. This turned out to be a BIG, BIG MISTAKE! We have dealt with numerous contractors over our four decades of home ownership, and I can say without a shadow of doubt, that Red Stone Contracting is the most pernicious and incompetent company we have ever encountered.
After accepting an initial payment to begin the reno, the disingenuousness began, by pushing out the start date with one excuse after another. Finally on Nov 13/20, the reno began, two months after the initial start date. The main bathroom reno should have taken 4-6 weeks at maximum, even during Covid restrains. It took RSC close to 5 months to complete, and the results are disastrous and amateurish.
Since we are essential workers on the front line of fighting the COVID outbreak, this botched reno added a lot of stress, over the 5 month period, to an already stressful work situation.
The renovated shower in the main bathroom is not usable and a complete failure, due to improper installation, a lack of knowledge, understanding, execution skills, workmanship and oversight. There is damage to the interior and exterior of the house, which was caused by RSC, that was left unrepaired. Communication with the owner of Red Stone Contracting, who goes by the name of Shukri, is extremely poor, you constantly have to reach out to him, otherwise there is silence. When Shukri is confronted with a questioning attitude, his response is a blank stare, denial, excuses, followed by disingenuous statements, never a solution or accountability. There are far to many negative incidents over the period of time this reno took, to list here.
Red Stone Contracting would fall into the category of the nightmare contractor that is seen on HGTV, that does a renovation, before someone else comes in to do the job right.
Needless to say, they are not doing the ensuite renovation, for very obvious reasons. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

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Company Response

We truly apologize that this is the experience that you had with our company, as this is never the outcome we intend for anyone to have when working with us. We take pride in our work and staff, as you can see from all of our reviews, we are far from a “nightmare contractors” work. We would like to take this chance to take ownership for our part in this situation, and state our side of the story.
Unfortunately, we were put in a position to make the difficult decision to part ways gracefully with the return of your money, after we noticed that the relationship between our team and yourself was not going to work out. We are always open to working on different types of projects, as we know that we have the team of certified and qualified professionals that will get the job done successfully. We would never, and have never taken on a project that we would not be able to complete. We have hundreds of testimonials that prove that we are not “incompetent” and “pernicious”, and apologize that this is how you feel about us.
Your home is our employees work space for the duration of the project. Our employees did their part in respecting you and your home, but unfortunately you did not give them that respect back. It is problematic when an employee does not feel comfortable going to work. We at Red Stone Contracting, have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the mistreatment of our staff especially when in your home. It does not come as a surprise that you have had to work with numerous contractors over the years, as we have heard that they have had the same negative experiences with you as we did. We do not wish that upon anyone, and warn others to proceed with caution when working with you.
We are a highly recommended rated company, therefore wait times for project start dates may take a few months depending on the scope of work specifically with the on going pandemic. Our clients are willing to wait that time because they know that they will get that 100% satisfaction from our company when their project is complete. We have loyal customers that always come back to us because they are satisfied with the work we do, and go as far as recommending us to others. We apologize that you will need to go through the process of finding a new contractor once again. We appreciate our loyal clients that always come back, and new clients that trust our reviews and testimonials.
We have many projects on the go, but we strive to work with our clients schedule to ensure all work is completed at a time that is most convenient for our clients. If you have had multiple experiences working with contractors, you should know that the process of renovating/completing a home may take up to a few months depending on the scope of work.
Nevertheless, our team always ensures that the process is as smooth as possible for our clients. Selections take time, receiving shipments of products takes time, drawings take time, however our team works around the clock to ensure that these things are completed in a timely matter. Unfortunately, you were not willing to work with us in understanding this process. We are always here to help our clients better understand this process, but in order to complete a project successfully, we need the client to cooperate as well.
Throughout the process of working on your home, we gave you suggestions on what we recommend for your home. You went against said recommendation, and made decisions that we did not recommend. Our contractors have been in the industry for 20+ years. If there was any part of the project that you believe was not done correctly, I can assure you it was not due to our teams negligence.
If there is ever an occasion in which a client is not 100% satisfied with the job, we will work with the homeowner to find a solution for guaranteed satisfaction. In your case, we did everything we could on our part to satisfy your wants and needs, but could not as you chose to continuously go against the required recommendation.
With all of that being said, we hope you find a contractor that you are happy with and treat well. We apologize that this was not us. We wish you the best of luck with your home renovations!