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black widow from Whitby
black widow from Whitby
5 reviews Whitby, ON

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very hard to get a hold of -- took me about 6-7 calls/emails/facebook messages over 3 weeks and by the time they got back to me, the time/date i wanted (i had out of town company coming to stay and wanted the carpets cleaned before they arrived) was gone. i wound up having to take time off work to accommodate their availability, and then on the day they came, they were almost an hour late with no notice/apology.

i bought a voucher through one of those online deal sites but it wasn't honoured. the voucher said 3 bedrooms and a living room. but i didn't need the bedrooms done, all i needed was my family room, nothing else. however, when i brought them into my family room, i was told it wasn't included because it wasn't a living room (but it IS our living room!), it was a "high traffic" area and would require extra water, cleaning fluids, etc. i asked why it wouldn't be offset by saving the water and cleaning fluids from the 3 bedrooms that wouldn't need cleaning, but did not get any answer. i wound up paying more for the one family room than the entire cost of the voucher. (i had to get the family room done -- i had moved all the furniture out in anticipation, and my company was coming that afternoon so i had no choice but to pay the extra cost as i couldn't find another carpet cleaner on such short notice, plus i'd already taken the morning off work to accommodate their schedule and was running late.)

robin was very polite and regretful about the explanation, but given the hassle, inconvenience, lack of communication and cost i wouldn't use aladdin again.

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