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June from Portmoody
June from Portmoody
2 reviews Anmore, BC

House cleaning, damage cost

I had used Bea and her team for months, but finally ended up my whole media room flood in May 2015; all brand new hardwood floor in that room were damaged and need to be replaced. Because Bea left second floor main bath room water tap running while she was working in other rooms; that was why the water coming down from the second floor and all the way to the main floor media room. When the incident happened I asked her to take the responsibility, her attitude was horrible and refuse to give me her insurance company information and she left, even she didn't finish her cleaning. We spent thousands of dollars and take few weeks to get rid of the glued down floor and replace new one. From that, I don't think anybody can trust her and give your home and let same thing happen again. Luckily we have witness, we will still ask her to pay! Good luck everyone who use her in the future.

June, Anmore

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Company Response

Upon arrival at June's estate for a scheduled house cleaning, she informed me
that she has a construction crew working on her house and the water is shut off.
She opted not to pay the late cancellation fee of $265 and asked us to clean regardless
of construction work in progress.

We cleaned the countertops and mirrors in the master bath and the facet were touched.
I thought that the faucet was closed. I moved to another bathroom, as I was promised to
be notified before the water would be turned on, just to be on safe side.

The contractor turned on the water without notifying us.

I was cleaning a bathrooms close by when I heard a water running. I run back to master
bath and - I saw the water pouring out of the sink. I closed the faucet however the
water was still running out of the sink as the sink was partially clogged.

I called for everyone available, 4 of my staff. We grabbed all the towels and mops available
to mope water of the floor. The cabinets did not extended all the way to the floor, there was approx
1 foot gap between the cabinets and the floor. Under one of the cabinets,
there was a hole approx 6 inch in diameter
accommodating a pipe. Water was poring down through the opening straight to the media room.

We completely dried up the master bath and the media room. After that angry June
approached me demanding me to pay for all the cost of the damages.
I agree to cover half of the costs as there were extending circumstances.
She became furious and ask us to leave her house immediately, without finishing the clean.

My insurance is reviewing her claim right now (yes, she was given my insurance nr) and she
will be compensated according to their recommendations. As per the witness she has, he
is the contractor who did not advice us that he is turning back the water on (my insurance company, advised me, that his conduct is a " contributary negligence"
There is a system in place in Canada to review and handle competently issues like ours.
June comes from place in the world where human rights are notoriously violated, where
the rich is right regardless if they are right or not. I am soooo lucky I don't live there.