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Window and Door installation

The installation of the windows and door were completed 3 separate times as the door was on backorder which was fine.

First the windows were installed. We were originally told it would take 1.5 days but ended up confirmed with only 1 day and were told it would be a bigger crew coming that's why it should take less time. At the end 3 technicians showed up and was rushing to finish the job and there were several defect noted:
1. Some of the windows were not fitting properly and we can see the technicians were forcing the windows in, one of them the frame ended cracking a bit and bulged up. My husband has to fix it himself. There were also visible dents from the spot of the screw and my husband had to fill it up before we started painting the frame.
2. The technicians broke the ceiling light but did not say a word until we found broken glass on the 2nd floor and on the stair and confronted them. We had little kids in the house and having broken glass laying around is not acceptable. And the fact that they didn't try to clean it up baffled us. At the end they told us to contact the office and they will handle it. The internal office team told us that the technicians are covered by insurance and they should pay for it. And then later told us they talked to the technicians and they found the exact same light and will come to install it when they come back to install the door. Of course it ended up to be a different team installing the door and they didn't know about the light and right now we still have a broken light without any confirmation when that will be fixed or will be deducted from the balance.
3. My husband saw the technicians lick their fingers to smoothen out the chalking. Even if not COVID this practice is extremely unhygienic and not acceptable. We had to lysol wiped everything after. And also the washrooms (both upstairs and downstairs) were left filthy after the day and we found one of the toilets was NOT flushed when we were cleaning after they left. We don't mind letting them use it but were hoping they can also respect the place.
4. We saw finger prints and tape marks in between the window. We first thought it was either inside or outside the window glass but after multiple attempts to clean it we figured it was in between the 2 layers and no way we can clean them

Second time was the door installation team. They brought the new door and the lock. Unfortunately the door only had one hole drilled for the door lock and one bolt pocket when the door lock system needed 2. We purchased the door lock from the company directly and would expect the manufacturing side knows what is being installed. It was installed on a Friday and they didn't have the proper tool, we have to wait until the following Monday to have another technician to have it fixed. During the process they also managed to crack the floor tile while taking out the old door and we didn't know (again we were not informed) until we started cleaning up the area after they left. When we talked to our sales Felix he said that lock was meant to be temporary and we supposed to get a different one as the one we ordered was on backorder and now we are even more confused.

During the last visit, the technician spent 2 hours to drill the holes on the door and the side to properly install the whole locking system. While he was using the chisel to create the 2nd bolt pocket he also damaged the new weather strip.

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Company Response

Hello, Firstly we would like to offer a sincere apology on the behalf of our install team. Our installers are held to a high standard and we are appalled at their actions. In regards to the light fixture, there has been an amount credited to your account as discussed with our accounts receivable team. Our service manager will be reaching out today in regards to the rest of the issues described in your comment. Again, we sincerely apologize and hope we are able to come to a conclusion on your issues.