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Maria in Toronto
Maria in Toronto
2 reviews Toronto, ON

Downtown Condo Move

AVOID … I used TSC for a move in 2017. Back then it took their team 5 hours to move my 2 bedroom condo including downtime as one of the elevators broke down. I was so impressed with them that I didn’t hesitate to book them for my most recent move in Nov 2019. Again same amount of belongings, 2 bedroom condo, and the move was downtown with the two buildings within 3 blocks of each other. It took their team this time around 9 hours for the move. They arrived 30 minutes late and immediately complained that they were tired from the previous day. When I saw the move was taking too long I tried to hurry them up but they were completely unfazed. They would disappear for 30 mins every time they went to the truck and then show up with only a few boxes. I later found out from my concierge - who showed me the surveillance video - that they were taking cigarette breaks at every turn. Thanks to them being tired and lazy I missed the elevator booking for both buildings, they damaged some of my furniture, and the move ended up costing me $1,500. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. I called and complained to TSC while they were on the job and then sent them a detailed email with all the shortcomings of the move. Almost one month later and no one has gotten back to me. The lack of response is making me doubt that the movers were instructed to dilly-dally so that they can overcharge. TSC clearly doesn’t care about their clients or keeping them, zero professionalism.

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Company Response

We do not appreciate your review as the statements you are making are false and the time you allotted for our movers was unreasonable. Your move back in 2017 took 7hrs, and that did not include a storage unit (as this move did) This move, You booked an elevator at your 2nd pickup location for 9am (but yet had the movers meet you at the storage unit for 9 am)and booked an elevator at your delivery end for 12 noon, so you left a 3hr time frame for our movers to load a storage unit (1st location), then drive to your building where they had to wrap and load your entire 2 bedrooms apartment (2nd location) and then be at your delivery address by 12 noon. Your elevator times were completely unreasonable. You expected an entire residential move plus storage unit (with 2 different locations)to be completed in 3 hrs, just to fit the elevator times you booked. Throughout the entire move you rushed and pressured our movers to hurry up so that you did not have to pay for extra elevator time. Our movers work at a good pace (and our previous reviews state that). You contacted the office complaining that they took a 10-minute break after 3hrs and your comments were perceived as inconsiderate. You were talking about our movers like they were slaves or robots, not human beings. Your last move was 7 hrs without a storage unit, and because your building could only give you a 2hr time slot this time, you expected our movers to perform magic and complete your entire move in 3hrs.