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Kitchen Renovation

I have never before written a negative review. If I take the time to write a review it is because a person or company impressed me to a point where I think that they should be acknowledged for their hard work and commitment to their business.

I am writing this, not to punish but to inform. I had a kitchen manufactured by Kitchen Nation.

I had completely gutted my home and needed my kitchen rebuilt from scratch. I already had a professional create the design for the layout, but needed someone to create the cabinetry and do the installation.

I met with Sapna and was initially impressed. She is obviously the “salesperson” as she disappeared as soon as there was an issue. The problems were delegated to someone that was new to the role and had no-one to support her as she tried her best to assist. I had a signed contract and provided them with a substantial deposit. Eventually (not without challenges) the kitchen was installed.

The next interaction was with Deepak - Sapna’s husband. In spite of the fact that he frequently assured me that I was “an important customer”, the problems were not fixed. He blamed my contractor, but he was communicating with my contractor to ensure the installation was perfect (as is part of their responsibility). When it was not, rather than take responsibility, he blamed the contractor, he blamed me, blamed his own installer and finally the cabinet manufacturer. In the end… all I wanted was to enjoy my new home with a kitchen where I could open the drawers.

There are several issues not up to standard. On the most basic terms, the 2 primary utensil drawers do not open or close properly. Acknowledging that there was a problem, Deepak got the representative from Cabico (the manufacturer) to check out the problem. The rep arrived and told me that the drawers that were installed were not designed to hold the weight of utensils and then accidentally broke off one of the cheap plastic support bars holding the drawer firm. He assured me that either he or Kitchen Nation would come back to fix it. I never heard from either of them again.

This all occurred around November/December 2019. In March 2020, understandably Covid did not allow them to return. When they could have arrived in summer 2020, they didn’t come. They never came back.

Prior to my one year warranty expiring, I contacted them again desperate for a resolution. Deepak blocked my email. I contacted their Customer Service department and the young man I spoke with was appalled (he was new with the company) and assured me he would assist me. I never heard back from Kitchen Nation again.

I need to hire and pay someone else to get my Kitchen Nation drawers to function. There are other issues, but mostly not being able to open and close the drawers is annoying - I use my kitchen often! My warranty has expired.

Forewarned is forearmed.

PS This company was formerly called Interior Nation. For some reason (I do not know) the name was changed to Kitchen Nation

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Company Response

Hello Shelley

This is so untrue what you wrote. The screenshot of the email address you were emailing to was not ours so there is no point in ignoring your emails. As soon as you called the office we responded back. We finished our installation without any issues or concerns in Oct2019. Since your contractor George who took your reno work left the work half done, I helped you with re-routing of plumbing pipes, vacuum connections & electrical re-route at no cost. We have to remake the one wall cabinet & doors because your contractor messed up with the bulkhead measurements, that too at no cost to you. When you mentioned the touch latch drawer is not closing, although there was no issue with Blum hardware, we arrange for a factory rep & our installer to come and address that. After one year of installation when you called, I replied back. Now instead of letting us know your new concern you wrote an incredible review. We stand behind our work, we do not have any reason not to service the manufacturer warranty. I contacted you even before you wrote this review but failed to hear back. I have nothing more to add other than a suggestion to call the showroom at 905.595.1211 x 301 to arrange for service at your convenience. Thanks