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Squirrel removal (red)

We moved in to a new house to discover adorable red squirrels were living in the attic of our single-storey addition. I decided to find a local small operator and settled on this one based on the positive feedback they had here and elsewhere.

Scott came promptly, and to my surprise did the lockout / one-way door on the spot. He warned me that if there were young in the house, mine would go from a simple to more complicated problem - with no change in price. He also explained that it would be very obvious if that were the case, as I would have a very recalcitrant and obstreperous mother squirrel loudly informing me of the situation.

Fortunately, that was not the case and the poor squirrels were outmatched from the start. I did not hear another scratch in my ceiling from the minute Scott left my house.
Scott returned the following week to remove his door and replace it with more chicken wire. I was having the roof done a few weeks later and I got the roofers to flash over the area giving it an elegant finish.

There is no problem without a solution and this one, after aggravating me as I viewed it as a bit disingenuous of the vendors, as they surely knew about the tenants before we took possession, turned out to be a simple one.

The squirrels are still around, and still adorable, but they are bedding down somewhere else, who knows maybe in someone else's roof. Remember, when you are hiking in the woods with a friend and you encounter a bear, you don't have to outrun the bear. You just have to outrun your friend.

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