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Kitchen Renovation

DO NOT hire AGM Renovations! We had a kitchen project that took over 5 months to complete. We were without a working sink and cooking area for a family of five ... for 5 months! Their quality of work is sub-standard, the contractor assigned to the job has little knowledge of construction and sub-hires out the job to unknown individuals. AGM assures you there will be a project manager and a general contractor when they sign the contract with you. We never saw the project manager on site, nor spoke with them. The general contractor left the country for two months. You are expected to be home at all times as they send the sub-contractors with no notice to your home on random days of the week to do work. You never know when or who is coming into your home! The entire project was mismanaged, the work site was left dirty and unsafe with construction materials thrown outside on our porch for over 3 months. The Kitchen Renovations Manager finally, after 5 months, creates a plan to finish the project, offers compensation for the delays, and then the Operations Manager steps in and says their manager was not authorized to offer compensation. AGM does not stand by their work, offers sub-par materials, is extremely unorganized, and only wants your money. They do not make it right when problems occur and I suspect if Mike Holmes knew of their practices, he would be ashamed to be connected with them. AGM Renovations does not deserve to hide behind Mike Holmes' stellar reputation.

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