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My first discussion with this company was very good - everything sounded fine and they were very accomodating, even through a mucked up permit process. The person on the phone was very friendly. The bin was delivered on short notice, but the company was not clear in describing their pickup process. My first discussions with them indicated the pickup could happen the same day. When I finally was able to accept the bin (some weeks after those first discussions), they did not advise me that it would take a lot longer to pick up the bin since it was a very busy weekend. This might have been fine, but in trying to get the bin picked up quickly (it was occupying our only parking space) the conversation with them (same person as before) quickly deteriorated. I wrote an earlier version of this review saying I was happy with the dropoff but the pickup was taking a while (again, my impression was same-day pickup and this was several days later, after essentially being told a couple of times "we'll get to it when we can"), and when I phoned for a third time to inquire about when the bin could be picked up, the person on the phone really let me have it. They accused me of distorting facts in my review (where I stated that they hung up on me - they may not realize they did, but they did), accused me of being dishonest about my conversation with the driver of the dropoff truck, was practically yelling at me saying I should be ashamed of myself, and would not listen to any amount of reasoning. I was ridiculed for not knowing that they would be very busy on this particular weekend (Victoria Day Weekend). By the end of the call, they were threatening to leave the bin in my driveway until they felt like picking it up, unless I removed my review. When I asked to speak to a manager, she refused to let me speak with anyone else. The bin ended up getting picked up shortly afterwards. The irony is that my original review would have been a lot more positive than this one - but under no circumstances would I ever use this company again nor would I recommend them to anyone else.

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