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weed control

My lawn had a lot of weeds and I was not able to control them on my own so I decided to give weed man a call. In the past I have used weed b gone spray and it did work on the actual weeds that were sprayed bit it did not eliminate my problem (did nothing to weeds that were missed and did not stop regrowth).

I find that the weedman is kind of the same thing, it does kill the weeds that are sprayed, and most are killed, but some are missed. Still the problem is not eliminated, the weeds do come back, and the weed man does come out to spray again but in between visits and until the weeds die you still have weeds, its a constant cycle of having weeds - killing weeds - having weeds - killing weeds.

The service has a good value because it's not cheap to buy weed b gone and it does take a while to apply it yourself.

Also to be fair, I have read that if you don't have a lot of grass it is hard to keep weeds away no matter what you do, and my grass is patchy.

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