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We really did not want to resort to posting an extremely negative client journey as I have even referred Davel to numerous family and friends including my very own neighbour (Both Projects used as gallery pics on Davel's social media). I unfortunately believed Tomas was a man of his word and 5 year warranty period and would eventually address the issues related to his landscaping deficiencies and quality of workmanship.

In 2015 My wife and I trusted Davel (Tomas) and spent our hard earned money to complete a large landscaping project which consisted of hard and soft scaping at our home. Tomas and his team were treated with the utmost respect, provided with meals, beverages each day and full payment as per agreed upon terms.

This project started to fall apart within the first year of completion and within the Davel warranty period indicated at that time by Tomas of five years.

After years of broken commitments to address these issues our home has been left with numerous deficiencies from their work. Our basement wall was damaged / cracked by their mini excavator and starting leaking rain water during the project. (Fixed by Davel after I had to show Tomas video camera footage to prove the damage was caused by a member of his construction team) Our Vendome Paver Driveway has completely sunken and become uneven with materials used becoming cracked, broken, and extremely dangerous for vehicle traffic, Wall Coping on Retaining Garden Boxes have come loose and patio coping have also loosened and broken away and literally fell to the ground.

We have really tried to be patient given the numerous challenges Tomas has indicated he has been facing over the years but it seems as though our kindness has been taken for weakness and we have been burnt by Davel who prides itself on "Building Solid Structures." Unfortunately the truth is after a few years our solid structures started to fall apart and Davel has failed to provide a solid level of post construction service.

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Dean & Tennille

06/12/21 Update - While the pictures speak for themselves we have posted this updated response to set the record STRAIGHT. It is unfortunate that there are gaps in Davel's response which was not honest. Upon Tomas' clear direction we were advised to pay extra (which we did) to have the natural flagstone wet laid on a concrete base for additional driveway durability/strength. Tomas indicted this WOULD be covered under Davel's so called "Warranty". Interestingly, Davel's deceptive company response DID NOT provide any resolution to all of the other deficiencies documented in the pictures. (Defective Retaining Walls, Coping, and Porch/Steps) and in terms of "Disturbing The Foundation" what could be worse than Davel cracking our basement wall? Lastly, when we realized Davel was not returning to address their poor quality of work, we procured another contractor to help us. Thank goodness we did because the new contractor's work has stood the test of time. This contractor also highlighted many errors in Davel's construction and poor workmanship, these have turned out to be additional costly errors at our expense.

BUYER BEWARE!!! We would not like another homeowner to suffer the same experience after investing your hard earned money.

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Company Response

It's unfortunate that it had to come to this Dean.
It was originally explained to you that we did not want to install natural stone border on the driveway because it will not last and it will crack. You insisted and you were ok with voiding the warranty. Despite that, we still fixed your driveway 2 years later even after you had another contractor put mortar all over the joints and disturb the foundation.
Despite all that , we were still willing to go out and help you at a small cost to you. But that wasn't fair for you.
We feel that we have gone over and above in trying to work with you. Good luck and all the best.