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How can you mess up a garage door opener? STEER CLEAR!!!

Update: The owner's son has reached out after reading my review and we have worked together to get the issue resolved. It was exactly as I had suspected and it was installed in reverse. He brought another technician and they have fixed it. I wish this was the first resolution instead of having to go through the unpleasantries prior to reaching an acceptable resolution. Franco was a pleasure to work with. Too bad he wasn't the first point of contact.

This is the absolute worst company, stay away at all costs. I hired them to install the garage door opener for us and he sent someone to do it a few days later. The technician who installed it seemed very nice, he even brought his son who was assisting his dad. It was a very professional experience, we even offered them drinks several times and they installed it in a timely manner. All seemed well and I paid them and even tipped them $40.

Afterwards, I discovered that the door seemed to function in reverse. Similarly, the app would always say the door is open when it's closed, and vice versa. To further my suspicion, the sensor that detects obstruction only beeps and stops the door when its opening instead of closing, this is a safety feature of all garage doors. This is clear sign that the door was installed in reverse.

I notified the business owner (not the technician) of my findings and he rudely responded that the fault must be with my operation of the door and not the install. I told him that it's not possible because there's nothing else for me to do except press open or close in the app. I told him that we are in no hurry since the door is technically working but when they have a chance, please come by and see how we can reversed it. He brushed me off and said he'll call me next Monday. Monday came and went, no call. I assumed they were busy and let it slide. The whole week went by and nothing so I messaged him again on Thursday and he again said the same thing and that since I messed up the door, I should read the manual and fix it. I told him that there's nothing in there about reversing the door and that it would be nice if they can guarantee their work by taking a look. He didn't respond. Saturday came and I messaged him again and once again I get the same speech from him about it being my fault. We go in circles again and he said he's busy with church so he'll call me later. I said that's fine, whenever you're free just give me a call. Once again, Monday comes and nothing. I messaged him again and this time I decided to call him. When we got on the call he was rude and swore at me and said you "messed" up the door with the app so read the manual and fix it yourself. By this time I've had enough. I ripped into him and amidst his own swearing tirade, and hung up the phone. No one should ever do business with this person who does not value their customers. Only cares about making the initial sale and not about the quality of their work. Steer clear if you value your money.

Update: I've sent picture to the manufacturer and they confirmed that the opener has been installed in reverse with the safety roll on the wrong side. All the business owner needed to do was work with me to confirm my suspicions and yet all he wanted to do was blame it on me and saying I messed it up with the app, as if that was even possible.

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