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Johnny Chowdhury from Old Toronto
Johnny Chowdhury from Old Toronto
6 reviews Toronto, ON

Concrete Walkway

We hired Danny to do our concrete walkway as we were looking for limestone finish. In summary, in less than 2 years, our concrete walkway looks like the pictures below. Danny refused to properly fix it. Please see the full history.

The next day after the walkway was finished, one of the sections cracked. We called Danny and he didn't want to come back and fix it. After long arguments and because there was holdback on the job, he agreed to fix it only if we remove the cracked section and dispose it. That's a big job in itself and I ended up having to pay my GC to do it. After that Danny finished the section and we thought we could put the whole thing behind us.

The following spring, less than 6 months after the job was completed, we noticed the cement on several sections started to peel. We called Danny and he claimed that it was our fault and that we threw salt on the walkway which led to peeling. We never threw salt and in this area, city doesn't clean sidewalk so noone else threw it either. He said he would come and fix it for $4800. So essentially we would have to pay for the job all over again. After lots of fighting and back and forth and threats to put up the negative review about his job, he did a surface level fix. This covered up the damage but he warned us that it wasn't a permanent solution. He said it would last 2-3 years.

Well, it didn't last even one year. And not only the surface layer has peeled off again, but the actual concrete is crumbling (see the pictures). We called Danny who ignored us until we mentioned a negative review. After that he called, and once again started saying he can do something for the extra $. At this stage, we don't have trust in his skillset nor are we willing to pay him anymore that we paid already.

This contractor delivered an unprofessional job and never once tried to take responsibility and properly fix his mistakes. Every time you had to fight and argue with him as he would ask for money to fix his faulty job.

Several contractors came to assess the job and everyone said that the concrete mix was wrong, hence the cracking, peeling, and crumbling. We have to rip out everything and redo it from scratch. I highly recommend you find another contractor for your concrete jobs.

PS: After our last text, Danny was silent for a month and we texted him the final time. He announced that was going to come and fix everything in August. When we pointed out that August is too far out, he said he couldn't work around our schedule and if it doesn't work, we should feel free to find someone else. As we do not have any trust that he would EVER come, we officially parted ways and I let him know the review was posted. His response was - since you posted the review, I will definitely not come. Proving once again that he never intended to correct his work but was trying to avoid me posting an honest review.

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Company Response

we asked for money because we only charged you for labour to finish the concrete not the excavation and forming.
We only supply warranty when we do the whole job to our standards.

We also poured your job in the winter time which i warned you not to unless you have insulated tarps to cover the concrete for 7 days which you did not because you were to cheap so made us use regular tarps.

Also the prep work wasn't to our standards.
We always do 8 inch of stone and 5 inch concrete with rebar. It was prepared by your workers removing only 3 inches of earth and laying 3 inches of gravel and 2 1/2 inches of concrete with no rebar.