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Mama Raccoon in attic with 3 babies

Raccoon was only noticed approximately 10 days ago by my dogs. She was climbing up the siding on corner of house to second floor balcony, then up another floor to the soffit. I went to Homestars and A1 Checkmate Wildlife Removal had 10/10 rating with many reviews. I had heard no sounds or movement so was confident she hadn’t had any babies yet. I contacted Louis and was able to book an appointment in less than 24 hours. He arrived on time, checked the entry/exit and determined her location in the attic with a heat sensor. He explained his pricing and processes thoroughly and was able to complete the removal at that time. When Louis got into the attic, mama raccoon had 3 babies. Babies were removed and placed in a warning box, one roof corner was sealed, the other a one way door was affixed and waited for mama to come get her babies. She took over 12 hours to come down and took one baby. Louis came back the next morning and mom had taken one baby and may need another night to get the other two If she had trouble relocating herself. Louis explained every step and plan along the way. He even has a plan if mom raccoon can’t get back for the other two, he will transport them to a wildlife rescue. He will come and check the box again in morning.
I am so impressed, grateful and happy that Louis managed the raccoon extraction humanely and allows them to relocate themselves in familiar area. He went above and beyond, his customer service is exemplary.

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Thanks you for this very descriptive review