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Lisa from Calgary
Lisa from Calgary
15 reviews Calgary, AB

Fridge Repair

I saw their ad on Kijiji and called them.
The guy on the phone told me he would send someone within 30 minutes. It was a Saturday at 6.30 pm. To be honest I didn't expect anyone to come before the next Monday and I was a bit skeptical after reading the previous review saying they would charge me more money after normal hours.

I decided to go with them only because they were 'only' charging $59 for service. Usually technicians charge $99 just to come check your fridge!!!

Anyway, after 20 minutes, the guy came in with a toolbox and started to look at my leaking fridge. He said he knew exactly what was going on. I had a clogged pipe and would unclog it. I asked him how much he would charge and he said $130. I said ok fine since I didn't want to replace the fridge at this point.

The guy was very nice and polite and did the job in 40 minutes. He handed me an invoince and I asked him 'What if I get the problem again?'. He said I would have a 3 months warranty and could call the company anytime. Fair enough.

10 days later, my fridge started leaking again. I called them back and the same guy on the phone told me he would find someone to come and check the fridge again. The same technician came back about an hour later and since he could not fix my fridge the last time, I was not convinced that he would this time!

Anyway he looks at the fridge and this time he says that the problem comes from the gasket but GUESS WHAT. This company DOES NOT carry any PARTS! So of course, they were not able to change my gaskets and he simply said 'oh well if I find cheap gaskets I will bring it to you'. Oh please. He said the exact same thing the last time. And because he didn't want us to think he didn't do nothing this time, he removed the back part of the fridge and started to do some testing.

After 40 min he said that should do the trick but I was smart enough to figure out myself the problem was with the gasket way before he told me this.

2 days later, the leak was back of course. I sent them a text, emailed them and called them because remember I have a 3 months warranty. I said I was really unhappy and wanted my money back. Oh guess what? They told me they would call me back without even asking who I was LOL. And that was it.

Now my fridge is still leaking, I will have to replace it and I spent $210 for nothing.

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