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Rob in Toronto
Rob in Toronto
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Takes forever, does a bad job, and won't do the job he was hired for

I was looking for someone to replace my ventilation with 4 inch thick ducts instead of 8 inch, so my basement ceiling wouldn't hit my head when the basement gets finished. Joel came, pretended to be competent and decent, and said he could do that, plus replace the furnace, AC and water heater for $10000 total, and finance it at $100/month. So I signed. Then he had others come to do the work, and they did everything badly. They did the following...
- Set the pins wrong on the water heater causing it to take 2 minutes to heat up until I paid someone else to fix it
- Placed the water heater and the ventilation pipes for it, it in a bad spot without asking where I wanted it, which included drilling my basement walls without checking if I liked the location
- Left clumsy pipes to the water heater, hanging down low all over the room (Joel said they'd be replaced with proper pipes later, but were never done)
- The furnace was placed in a different spot than I had asked for, and it's condensation hose leaked all over the floor.
- They put a pipe to the AC, but placed it UNDER a beam, when it could have easily been put OVER the beam, so that when the ceiling is finished, we wouldn't have to build around it...but they refused to do it that way. The basement is unfinished. It would have been so easy to put it above.
- They claimed to have brought "custom" ducts to replace the 8 inch ones I had, which was the original WHOLE POINT of this work, and the custom ducts were exactly the same size as what I had! Then they came back and brought 7 inch ducts instead of 8 inches...but still the same width, so it just reduced the airflow. I told them no, don't install those...get ducts that are 4 inches thick and double the width of the 8 inch ducts. Joel didn't want to do it. But that was exactly what he was originally hired for! Then I contacted the company to ask them to get Joel to do what was agreed to, not knowing Joel is the owner, and he got enraged that I tried to go "behind his back" to someone higher. But that's what people are supposed to do when an employee screws up fully, and refuses to do the work. Then he said he'll come back and do it. I waited a few months, then phoned, and they said "I'll tell Joel to call you today". I waited another month, and phoned again, and they said it again. That was a few months ago. Joel will NEVER do what he was originally hired to do, and will yell and swear at you when you try to get him to do it. He's not only unprofessional, but also a bit insane.

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