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Anymous  in Toronto
Anymous in Toronto
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Water Heater repair

We paid for fixing the water heater. They came told us they fixed it, water heater worked for few minutes and didn’t work again. They came back, took the broken part and never came back. Left us without hot water. We ordered the part on our own and replaced it. They never gave us money back or even never sent us back the part that they took.
Very bad customer service, stay away!!!
Better Business Bureau will investigate this claim. It is not acceptable.

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Company Response

Hey thanks for your review Please remember that you contracted us to provide a diagnostic for your hot water tank for rv unit . We arrived and worked in the pouring rain same day on site as requested for priority service

On investigation of your units brand was discontinued and is all sourced from the USA for parts that take time

We ordered the part right away as per your request. Did not charge for the part requested upfront. 2 days later you messaged saying for me to tell you the part number. Than you chose to order the parts yourself as back ups . After I provided you this information. You texted me rather rudely Accusing me of returning to your property without your knowledge and tampering with your hot water tanks temperature settings. When I replied saying I didn't do anything of the sort you refuse to believe me and became more aggravated so I had told you that I did not want to return if I was going to be treated that way and you had already taken into account to purchase your own part in to replace it yourself so I did not need to charge you anything further than my diagnosis that was a spot on diagnosis as I am a licensed technician to provide you the insight of what needed to be fixed on your unit

Then coincidently only a few days ago you have messaged me saying that your trailer park maintenance department sent another contractor to your home without your knowledge and they provided you an invoice that you didn't want to pay so that proved that I was correct that I did not return to your site without your permission and because you were so rude to me I decided not to return so because you took that motion your trailer park maintenance Office sent you an invoice that's between you and them I was hired to do a diagnosis and I did my job and I did my job correctly

And if anyone would like to see the proof please see well over several perfect 10 out of 10 reviews I'm sorry that you decided to go private on this review because I'm not ashamed of anything that I did I only charged you for diagnosis and you got the diagnosis I didn't charge you for installing the new part and I didn't charge you for the new part

Thank you and I am truly happy that you had resolved your units issue that you have hot water in could be in Comfort Inn your home again