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Stucco Removal

I hate to write a negative review because he seems like a really really nice guy. But I was not at all impressed. Not sure why they have such good reviews. No shows on 4 occasions (no call or text saying he was not going to show up). Would not respond to calls or texts. They got the popcorn off, but the plastering and painting stages were not well done at all. Seams are still very visible even after he came back to correct it a second time. Compound flaking off in one location. Ceiling very rough - blotches everywhere. They don’t use cross lighting to check their work. I am now going to skim the ceiling myself to smooth it out and repaint. Painting was also not well done. Wall/ceiling joint painting very uneven (they don’t use masking tape). They got ceiling paint and drywall compound on the wall so I had to sand and repaint the whole wall. They are not careful and left the work area very messy. You expect some dust in a job like this but my wife and I spent a full day cleaning chunks of drywall compound, dust and paint off our stairs, out of the cracks in our hardwood floors, railings, carpets, front door and outdoor walkway. They dumped a pile of drywall compound on our front lawn and left a roller there. After several attempts to get them to come back and finish the job (no shows) I gave up. These guys were considerably cheaper than the other quotes I got and I guess that’s why. It was frustrating as I paid him an extra $150 above his quote in good faith. The good: as I said he was nice guy, and he gave me a little bit of extra ceiling paint so I could do touch-ups. Maybe he was just going through a tough time unrelated to work, but I’d never refer him to anyone.

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Company Response

Hello Todd Whyte, I have to say this is a very inaccurate and misleading review. 1st we don't take any money up front and were only paid once the customer is satisfied. 2 days before we started your project I sent you a text message saying we are delayed and need to move your project by 1 day. For that delay I offered to remove and smooth your hallway at no extra cost.
The scope of work included master bedroom, living room plus the added hallway, you told us to not continue into the open concept bathroom off the master bedroom as you we going to add a wall going up to the ceiling and do a bathroom renovation. So we stoped the plaster and paint right up to that point, you asked me for touch up paint so you can match the ceiling once your Reno was complete. Was not a problem and I left you at least 1 gallon to do this.
After we completed your project in 2 days! You were satisfied and paid in full, you also gave us a $150 tip for getting the hallway done, witch you offered and I never asked for.
When I originally came in to take a look at the project, I told you like I tell every customer, that you were going to have to either repaint the walls, or supply touch up paint with matching colour, because your stucco went to the corners of the walls, with wall paint over the stucco. Witch then needs to be plastered primed and painted so the edges aren't lumpy, there is no way to smooth the ceilings without affecting the paint in the edges so we used the touch up paint you supplied to repaint the top portion of the walls. Only to find out that you painted your walls 8 years ago and the paint didn't match anymore.
2 days after completion you notice that the paint didn't blend well and you asked if I could come back to fix the wall and make the seam between the open concept bathroom and master a little less noticeable, not a problem and I came by that Saturday to fix it up. Even though the wall painting wasn't part of our project, it didn't matter to me and I still came back to fix the walls and the the joint leading into the open concept bathroom. By the time I wrapped up, you and I looked over the project and you signed off the work as completed to your satisfaction. I've reached out to you recently to see what I can do to fix the issue, your answer was a friend of a friend told you I didn't do the job correctly! And that you personally were going to fix it and there is nothing I could do!
We went above and beyond on your project.
the offer still remains
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