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Phil L.
Phil L.
2 reviews Mississauga, ON

Back Yard Patio And Sodding

Biwar and his team were tasked with removing an old deck from what felt like decades ago. Additionally the previous owners of my home did a nightmare job of maintaining the grass and garden, leaving nothing but mismatched plants, weeds, lily's of the valley, and nothing attractive that any homeowner with pride would appreciate.

Strong Base is a very busy team, so make sure you book well ahead and get a schedule with times well arranged. If I have any complaint it is that I wish they would've been able to start the job earlier because they did such a good job I would've loved to have had another month or 2 with my new patio and grass.. However, I understand that they have multiple jobs on the go and weather isn't always cooperative.

When Strong Base began their work, it was like a hurricane of activity. These guys are no joke. They use all the right heavy equipment for the excavation job and aren't shy about it. You know these guys mean business. The team that showed up worked fast and hard and laid the ground work quickly for what would be a excellent finished project.

The new patio area was done perfectly with a solid and very deep base. After one season it has shown no signs of shifting or loose stonework. Everything was laid tightly including an integrated plantbed that was installed for cedars within the patio's retaining wall. With regards to the deck I am extremely happy ith the job done. They also laid a path along the side of the house to reach the deck and this was also done well. My only wish after one season of use was that this path be slightly a bit wider. Currently it's just about 3 feet wide which is relatively tight.

Strong Base also re-sodded my entire front and back lawn. I can't say much more other than to my satisfaction. The ground was regraded and the grass was laid well. I finally have a lawn that I don't need to feel embarrassed of especially from my neighbours who primarily all have a well maintained lawn. Due to my previous owner's neglect of the lawn, some problems were beyond the roots. Things like anthills and the lilly's of the valley still persisted after the new re-grade and re-sod. It took me some serious effort to rip out some of the grass to get deep enough to get rid of the dozens of lilly of the valley bulbs. So while this is not a fault of Strong Base, I would recommend that if you have serious lawn issues that run deeper than normal roots would go... that you make extra note of it so that it can be addressed during the time of work.

Nevertheless I was very impressed with the professionalism of Strong Base and Biwar. They were extremely easy to work with and each day I came home I would see major progress done, which as someone paying the amount of money for this project, you definitely want and NEED to see. I trust these guys and would not hesitate to use them and refer them again if I move since I don't expect anything they've done for me to fall apart anytime soon.

Another thing to note, these guys are on the ball to, they show up early. I was embarrassed a few times having them show up to my home while I was in my PJ's getting ready for work.

I've received nothing but compliments from the neighbours after the job was done and look forward to spending more time in my backyard this following year. Thanks Biwar and I wish you guys the best!

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