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Charlii from Toronto
Charlii from Toronto
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Unprofessional, unreliable and ZERO integrity!

We found this company at the Toronto Home Show in 2017 and liked the product. Our street neighbors collectively hired them to refinish the stucco on the front of our homes. We all met with the co-owner Andrew Cigna at our homes to select the color and we selected his 'natural cork' color from the samples he provided. We specifically stated we did not want the darker color sample. Andrew advised that he would have to mix the cork with a matching paint color for better coverage but he did not have a sample of that with him. He agreed to arrive between 6:30-7am on the day of the job (Fri, June 29'18) for color approval from all homeowners before doing the job but never showed.

As we all had to leave for work I emailed him at 7:50am on June 29'18 and when he responded he stated that his partner, Paul, had gone to buy the tint stating "we went with Melissa brown because that is the close to the you want". I immediately responded requesting to see the color sample as we had not approved this color selection. At 8:20am Andrew sent me a photo of the color sample via email which we then collectively approved.

Upon returning home after 11pm that evening I was shocked to find a deep chocolate brown finish on our homes and I could see breakthrough of the lighter original color throughout the finish. The next morning at 6:45am when I was able to see the finished job in daylight I contacted Andrew by email advising that the color on our homes did not match the approved color we approved and noted the poor workmanship as well as significant paint spillage over my interlocking driveway.

Andrew stated that he "will not change the color" to match our approved color selection and offered no response to how he ended up applying a dark chocolate brown color to our homes when we clearly approved a much different color. We have advised him that we do not consider the job completed and will not submit final payment until it is corrected and complete. I had paid a 50% deposit and he demanded 80% payment to return to meet with me, which I refused. I was very clear that once he had completed the job, meaning applying color I had approved, doing clean up of overspray and removing the spilled paint from my driveway, that I would submit the remaining payment. He has since averted our efforts to meet to resolve this issue.

We all filed Better Business Bureau complaints which Corkco ignored and did not respond to despite the BBB's multiple efforts to contact the company.

These brothers are completely unprofessional and unqualified to do any home reno work. Despite clear communication from the homeowners on color they were renegades and simply did what they wanted to our homes. Our expectations were reasonable - do the job they were hired to do. They took no ownership in the fact that they altered the appearance of our homes without our permission (color selection) or for the poor workmanship of the job they did do. The could have simply shown up, corrected the color, cleaned up the mess they left behind and been paid in full. Instead, they ignored it completely. They ignored our multiple efforts to resolve, they ignored the Better Business Bureau's efforts to resolve. They clearly have no professional integrity and do not care for the homes they work on.

The result is that our property value has been negatively impacted by the altering of our homes aesthetics and we are left to pursue legal action against them. This is the worst company I have EVER dealt with. They could have and should have just fixed their screw up but clearly that's not how this company operates. Beware!!!

Photos attached of the color sample we chose, the paint color we approved, the color they actually applied to our homes and the paint spillage on the interlock driveway. Note the breakthrough color in the top right corner of the (un)finished job - you can see the lighter color breaking through.

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