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johnbsong in Toronto
johnbsong in Toronto
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Bad Contractor

I was meaning to get this review out as soon as I could.

Hey Joe, even though you are a deceptive contractor I still hope this review finds you in good health. You probably though I forgot about you, even though I did not take you to small claims court did not mean you are forgotten.

I hope what I am about to write can save many homeowners from dealing with Joe (Canadian Pro Interlocking)
Me and My neighbour both gave this company a deposit back in Fall of 2020 to put towards paying for the pavers for our property, They were unable to start work that year so we all agreed to start work early Spring of 2021. Joe came by on May 24th, 2021 begun to dig up my driveway and backyard, when I ask about the material he said after the prep work is done then he will schedule for the material to arrive in the next week which is normal. After he drugged up my property and cut off the hand railings on my front porch he disappeared for couple of weeks so I call him to ask what is going on with my job and told me he had emergency work on another other property. He left my driveway unlevel in rough shape and my porch unsafe without railings and no temporary step at the bottom of the porch to use for my 83-year-old elderly mom as now the distance from the last step to the uneven ground is a lot lower for her to reach. A month had has now gone by and he still did not come back.
Every time I call him to ask when he is coming back to finish the prep work and my materials are arriving he would give me an excuse with false dates like next week for sure then it is another week after. At this point I begin to get impatient with him, now he is giving excuses, it is covid, then the supplier truck broke down, by the way his supplier is (GB Stones) for my job. Little did he know that me and my neighbour have been in contact with the supplier to see what the issue was and we were both surprised when they told us Joe did not even put an order in for our pavers to be delivered to our address and they said they had no issue with delivery. Now this is where the relationship ends between me and Joe. (Oh by the way I have the text message between me and Joe as proof, so if anyone wants to read it, contact me).
I was fed up and one day I set up Joe when finally came by after a month and a half later he was across the street at my neighbour’s property starting prep work, I called up Joe's supplier (GB Stone) and had them on the phone and I walk up to Joe and said hey I am on the phone with GB stones they need the details for my order and Joe quickly responded to the sales agent on the other line and said “I already place the order with Ian (owner of Gb sone) and the order is scheduled to arrive next couple of days. He had no idea that my neighbour who’s property he is digging up already spoke to the owner of GB Stones and he confirm that Joe has not paid anything towards the materials and he did not even schedule the materials for my none of our property. From that point on I knew that Joe can not be trusted,.
After a days of thinking things through I confronted Joe and he admitted that he did not pay for the materials and he was in fact stalling time. He ask me and my neighbour to go into GB stone and pay for our materials and he would start the work. I told him why would I go an pay for my materials when I already gave you a $4200 deposit for my materials since 2020. Long story short I fire him and ask for my deposit back,which of course he refused. I ask tried to reason with himthat he can keep a portion of the $4200 deposit for the excavation for my driveway and give me the difference back he still refuse and said excavation can be any price he wants it to be so all the deposit is used up. He even threatens me if I go after him for the deposit he will go after me for more money. I am still wondering to this day what other money can he get from me when I receive no material and no further work was done. He probably thought to himself there were no bad reviews from me on any of the forums for the past 6 months so I must have been scared of him coming after me. “No Joe” life was just too busy and you are not my priority.”

By the way, Joe did end up finishing my neighbour’s yard because my neighbour did not want to lose out on his own deposit and went to GB Stone and paid for all the materials. Now check his out after the job was completed, there were two full skids of material left over and Joe quickly called up GB stone to come and pick up the two full skids for pavers and told my neighbour that that left-over material belongs to Canadian Pro interlocking and this is how they make their profits. What a character, taking leftover material that was paid for by the homeowner and claiming that it rightfully belongs to him. I am not sure why no neighbour did not write a review maybe he is concerned about his warranty but who knows.

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