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I have come to regret hiring Alex from Emerald Painting Service to paint the interior of my home. I hired Alex to paint my home after reading many good reviews on Homestars. However, it appears that these reviews are based on appearance of the work that were done and not the quality of the work and workmanship. At first, after the painting was completed, with a fresh coat of paint on the walls the house had a clean and almost new look. Visually it appeared that the job was done properly and was pleasing. However, as the days progressed, I started noticing imperfections in some areas, after inspecting more closely the work that was done, issues became evident of a bad paint job. During the consultation with Alex, I told him that there are many small dents and dings on the walls which I wanted to be fixed and one area of one of the of the walls needed to be repaired and assumed that these fixes and repairs would be done and done properly. I also told him that I wanted a high-quality paint job. However, this was not the case, there are many areas where the dents and dings in the walls were not filled in before painting. A couple areas of the walls that were repaired were done very badly; the areas were not properly filled with dry wall compound and sanded smoothly before painting. There is a crack over one of the archway, the crack was not filled, but painted over leaving the crack visible. The door facings were painted with a roller brush instead of using a paint brush ruining the details of the moldings by leaving a textured finish instead of a smooth finish. After noticing the textured surface of the molding, I said to Alex that I thought that the facings and trims are supposed to be painted with a brush for a high-quality smooth finish, I was told by Alex that no one uses paint brush to paint trims as it would take a long time and that all the painters in Canada uses rollers to paint trims. This I know is not true as the painters from two different companies who recently painted one of my friends and one of cousin houses used paint brushes for all trim work for a high-quality smooth finish and did a far better job than Alex. Alex also wanted to paint the some of the crown molding with a roller, however after seeing the way it looked with the roller, I had to tell him to leave the crown molding not to paint them, however he ended up painting them with a brush at my request. A roller is used to paint trims for a quick and easy application process to finish the job quickly; however, a brush is used to achieve a smoother high-quality finish as explained by painting professionals. I have spent thousands of hard-earned dollars to have most of the door facing and baseboards in my home replaced twice before having them painted only to have them ruined by a sloppy paint job done by Alex. Brand new painted trims and moldings are supposed to be have a smooth finish and the details of the trims and molding are supposed to be enhanced by the paint, the paint job that was done on the trim in my house is very sloppy with runny paint on the baseboards that and makes the baseboards appears to be old and appears as if they were painted with several layers of paint ruining the details of the baseboards. The trim contractor took his time to ensure that all the wall moldings, trims and baseboards were properly installed with precision and all angels aligned perfectly and did a quality job, all of the contractor’s workmanship were ruined by a bad and sloppy paint job. Too much paint was applied on some parts of the moldings creating thick paint blob spots and paint runs on the wall moldings and the baseboards in many areas. There are many sloppy areas where the paint from painting the crown moldings were smeared on the ceiling creating uneven, sloppy lines between the ceiling and crown molding. Again, the contractor took his time to create clean caulk lines when the crown moldings were installed, this was ruined by sloppy paint lines. Paint was also smeared onto wall papered walls from painting the baseboards. When the baseboards were replaced on the wall papered wall, the contractor tried very hard to protect the wallpaper from damage only to have then get ruined by paint. Gaps between the door facings and walls were not filled leaving choppy paint lines between the walls and door facings. Drop cloth were not spread in many areas resulting in tiny specks of paint on the hardwood floor. These tiny, scattered specks of paint took a lot of time to remove. Alex does not pay attention to details, unless and I pointed out something to him as he was painting it would not get fixed. He had also mentioned to me that he will be going to the store to get some paint and I asked him to buy a different color paint for the laundry room as I had changed my mind on the color. He ended up not going to the paint store; did not inform me he was no longer going to the store and painted the laundry room in the original color. Had I known he was not going to go to the paint store, I would have gone to get the paint myself. I though a professional painter would pay attention to details, inform customers of any issues, and let the customer now if what the customer requested will not get done. I had also requested for the trim to be painted with satin paint; the trims were painted with pearl finish paint which I am not happy about. The bathroom ceiling was not properly prepared before painting, resulting in the paint starting to peel in the corners. The first set of guests who come to my home commented that some of the walls appears as if only one coat of paint were applied as there are some shadowy areas. Also, in some area, dust was picked up by the roller and paint brush and were painted on to the surface instead of having them removed. When I pointed out some of the thing that which I though a professional painter is supposed to do, I was told by Alex that I have special request. When you hire someone to do a job, it is expected that they would take their time to do the job properly especially if they are a professional. It is disappointing and upsetting to see that some of the basic things that should have been done were not done properly, especially after spending my hard-earned money to upgrade my home. I feel disgusted that someone will come into my home, do such a sloppy job, and take my hard-earned money. Alex’s bad paint job has let me with a dilemma will put me into additional expenses to have all the molding stripped and repainted or replaced complete. Painting of a home should help to add value and to beautify the home, not cause stress and additional expenses to the homeowner to redo a job that should have been done right the first time. I will not hire Alex nor recommend him to anyone looking for a high quality and detailed paint job.

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Company Response

I did job for you in Jun or July,after 5-6 month you are not happy with my job????
When I finished that you were very happy because job was done in the best way.
I painted your crow Molding as usually with brush,you have seen that because you have been in my head every day and maybe 6 hours a day.
Also i filed holes and cracks before i painted wall,you have checked that 10 time those days,I have explained you very well that I cannot change you walls because you are not doing renovations,as you said to me you have exercise many time to paint your house by yourself now you cannot expect for painter to change your walls,I did all I was supposed to do,plaster dents,sand those and paint two coat.
Also you are complaining about doors,for which door you are talking????? I haven't paint single door in your house,you asked me how I paint doors and I explained to you that I paint with brush and smooth roller,I explained you that is not possible to paint doors by brush only because take to much time and will be extra cost,you decided to paint yourself,or maybe you have hired another painter after and now you are complaining on me by mistake.
Even if you bye products in Costco,Walmart you have 90 days time to return but on my job you are complaining after 150 or 180 days.
I feel sorry to say but for same reason you have changed Basebordeve twice too just because you are very PICKY,I believe for same reason your friends are having fun of you because they found you PICKY ,You have bother them from summer until now for your House painting.
As a explained to you I don't offer drywall service because is out or my skill,I do only painting service which is my passion too
I fell very sorry to see you disappointed with our service,we do between 130-150 job a year and these is first time I am facing these situation

My friend feel free to contact me whenever works for you 24/7 I am in your service, 6475718625