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Annie in Toronto
Annie in Toronto
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I’ve never regretted so hard in choosing a contractor for a job. I spent over $30,000 on custom cabinets for 3 closets, a linen closet, a coat closet, and a large kitchen. These guys have been a nightmare from the beginning. And that’s an understatement.

Let’s start with the closets. They sent a shotty installer who mucked everything up. Drawers didn’t close properly, did not line up, were not centered, trim pieces were missing, and they left dents all over my freshly painted walls and gouged my newly installed hardwood floors. They “fixed” the gouge in the floor by filling it with black wood filler on my light coloured hardwood floors. It looks like someone took a sharpie marker and filled in a shape. They also use the cheapest hardware they can find, so you’ll be getting the worst quality hinges and drawer slides that don’t even close properly or sound like they are rubbing on something when opening and closing. I had to specifically request to use high quality Blum drawer slides and hinges for my kitchen cabinets.

Their timelines are never realistic. They will say cabinet delivery is on one day and after arranging my work schedule and coordinating with my spouse to be home that day, they reschedule on me 8pm the night before. This has happened several times, very frustrating to deal with. When they are 80% done, they will demand the rest of the payment and not come back to finish their remaining deficiencies. My upstairs closets are waiting to be finished since July and my kitchen still has many outstanding deficiencies since October. IF YOU USE THEM DO NOT PAY THEM IN FULL UNTIL 100% OF YOUR DEFICIENCIES ARE COMPLETE.

Expect to have no door handles or drawer pulls for several weeks after your cabinets are installed. They would order the handles after the cabinets are installed and come back several weeks later to install them. Or the screws won’t fit the drawer fronts so they have to order the screws, more delays. The finishes are sloppy; our painted mdf cabinet doors have many bubbles and blemishes. Because their installer will come 10 times over several weeks, you will constantly feel like you are cleaning their messy saw dust every time they visit.

The absolute worst part… they DON’T follow their design instructions to a tee. They incorrectly built one shorter/smaller drawer at the top of the dressers when all drawers should be equal height. They did not follow design instructions for a bulk in the wall so installation had to be delayed because they had re-fabricate. And to top it all off, not only was the cabinet not 90 degrees on one gable for the dishwasher, but they fabricated the cabinet to be one inch too short in width which ultimately did not fit the dishwasher. How do you muck up a space for a dishwasher? They are all standard width, give or take 24”! I found this out one day after my expensive countertop and waterfall had just been installed.

Oh and last thing…. The owner had the audacity to waltz into my home and literally scream at me for an hour and demand that I appreciated his work. There is no appreciation for shafty workmanship and lack of professionalism. Ugh. No referral here!

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