Let me start by saying AGM's sub was amazing and kept me well informed of who was coming, when they were coming, and what they were doing. He was great at checking with me whether things were satisfactory or not. Lights were installed in incorrect positions, but sub corrected that right away. As for AGM.... our Project Manager, sent us one templated welcome email to start the project and we never ever heard from him ever again - even when the project was finished. There was absolutely NO communication with us. Because our house was built in the early 70's an asbestos tester hired by AGM took samples mid June. The sub arrived two days later to begin the demo of the bathroom. I informed him that the asbestos report had not been received and that perhaps he should wait until the testing was completed. He demoed the bathroom anyways. The asbestos report was received two weeks later showing that the bathroom had tested positive for asbestos in several places. AGM did not contact me about the report at all - I only found out because the tester sent me a copy of the report. Not once during the project did AGM ever come on site to inspect the work or progress. The bathroom began leaking into the kitchen below it shortly after the project was completed. I contacted the bathroom sub and he is amazing - he visited within the hour, and used his camera to find the leak. The sub told us there is a faulty part, he ordered a replacement and he advised us not to use the shower until he fixed it. I did not tell AGM that I had contacted the sub as I was curious as to how AGM would handle the situation. As I never heard from our bathroom PM, I informed our kitchen PM of the bathroom leak. Their solution was to just to patch the ceiling. We are still waiting to be able to shower in our own home.

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