They did a great job on all of the windows but one, which is seemed to us they missed. It was a window that was hard to reach. We contacted them about it and they replied "Most of your windows had cement on them or construction debris. This cannot be removed by a regular cleaning (which is what I did and charged for). A post construction cleaning is an additional fee." Given that all of the other windows were noticeably better, but this one not, it seems to us that they missed it and are unwilling to come back to fix the problem.

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Company Response

Dear Jonathan,

I am sorry you were not 100% satisfied. As the business owner and the sole worker (as I have no employees or middlemen), I am absolutely confident in the service I provided. I am sorry your high expectations were not met. It can be compared to going to the dentist for teeth whitening and having the expectation your teeth will become as white as a sheet of paper when it is not possible if you consider the age, wear, tear and condition of your teeth. But then your dentist advises that the only way to have your teeth that white is to pay a premium and place veneers. Such is the case with the service I provided.  

I did a regular window cleaning which does not remove all post  construction dust, cement, and glue on your windows. Some windows were dirtier than others.

Again, as outlined in the signed estimate terms and conditions:

"By signing below, I understand that final results vary depending on the age, condition, type of window, the last time they were cleaned and if there are any mineral deposits."

Your final results were affected by the fact that your windows were in a post construction  condition. The fees agreed upon were for a regular window cleaning. It did not become apparent this was post construction until my arrival. But I honoured the fees quoted and the type of service requested. Again, I stand by my work and apologize for your lack of satisfaction.


Urals provided excellent service. They were polite, professional, and diligent. My only "complaint" would be that they were "too careful" (yeah, I get how ridiculous that sounds). They wrapped all of our furniture in furniture pads and tapped it on. This meant there was essentially no risk of things getting damaged while being moved in and out of the house, no damage in transport, no scratches on the wall, etc. The cost is that it takes them longer, as they have to wrap everything up and unwrap it at the end. The "complaint" part of this is that they did this even for our old, junky furniture that we would not have cared about. I cannot really call this a complaint, because I am not sure what they could do different, as it would be rather strange, and maybe rude, if they had asked "do you want us to wrap up this old chair?" I guess my advice to the customer would be that if there is anything you don't need them to be careful with, let them know. So the message is that these guys are awesome, and provide very high quality service. There is no question that I would use them again.

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Company Response

Hello Jonathan,

Thank you for the great review and the top star ranking.

We are glad you are touching on this important question of furniture wrapping. Furniture wrapping is the basic service that sets our company standards. We provide wrapping furniture into the moving blankets to protect not only the furniture itself but also the walls, floors, stairs, etc. we wrap any furniture regardless of the market value.
Another reason why we wrap all items is that we cannot estimate the market value of your belongings and (which is sometimes more important) your personal value of individual items. For example, an old dresser might be given to you by your grandfather and it will be impossible to replace it with a similar item.
With all that said, we can leave the furniture unwrapped upon the client request. We appreciate your feedback and from now on will be checking with the customers on this note before we start the job.

We hope to your understanding and would be happy to work with you again.

Best regards,
Urals Moving team