Although the movers themselves were not as bad as the other post mentioned, the office operation of this company is a complete disaster. There is a crazy lady that will actually yell at you if you try to ask to talk with the manager to complain, for example, as it happened to us, about pieces that went missing on their storage. The manager is clueless: "how can I know where your stuff is?" was a question that I had to hear. Timing-wise, not so good as well. They arrived late on the first day, didn't show up at all on the second day, and were late on their last chance to cause a good impression. The estimate on both the moving and storage were completely off. We used their storage service and besides being twice as expensive as initially quoted, it shows how dishonest these people are: their salesman, a very nice person, gave us some paper with tips for the moving. One of the tips was to visit and inspect the storage. Guess what: you can't go to their facilities! "Because of insurance reasons, only blue line employees can come to the storage".

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