WOW WHAT A BRILLIANT COMPANY and CONCEPT. CONGRATULATIONS TO HOVIG AND HIS TEAM OF TEN! Painting an entire home is no joke and very unsettling and chaotic. I would ONLY recommend painting your home this way. My mantra is always "to get things done yesterday" and this exactly how it happened. Punctual, clean and super duper efficient. IN and OUT! I could not imagine taking a week to paint a home one room at a time. More companies should operate and follow your template as it works! THANK you again HOVIG AND TEAM OF TEN!

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Company Response

Amazing Wendy. Thank you so much. No other company can operate this way because they do not have painters like Hovig with them. An absolute gentleman, amazing painter and a consummate professional. The other 9 painters in your home are just as amazing as Hovig. We hire for attitude first to ensure you have the quality you expect in a timeline that is unexpected with the most professional and pleasant total experience.