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Never pick the cheapest price! I had three roofing companies bid on my roofing project. Alpine, Dominion, and Avenue Road Roofing. The people from Avenue Road Roofing were with out a doult the most professional however they were also the most expensive. Dominion chose not to show up and Alpine just left the quote in my mail box with no explanation what so ever just the lowest price. I will try and keep this short, I HAVE NEVER had such a poor renovation experience as i did by choosing this company. The workers were very unpleasent and most unprofessional, my roof looked the same as it did before they replaced it. I really wish i had chosen Avenue Road Roofing and the absalute professional approach by the estimator David Tonge who tried his best to convince me that you really do get what you pay for these days. i hope this helps the next person who considers getting Alpine Roofing to do there roof.

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