Hired Newmarket Sears Flooring to Install Tile Flooring to my new home that I had custom built. All tiles are coming up grout is missing. Called Newmarket Sears Flooring explaining the problem ,the response you get is "we will look into it" meanwhile I have tiles that are popping up everywhere, missing grout that my 16 month old grandaughter likes to try and eat, and not a thing is being doen to rectify the issue. I have phoned everyone in my power at head office, no one phones you back! The owner of Newmarket Flooring avoids your calls and when you phone him and get him he is "always looking into to it". Now all I want is my money back and have someone who knows what they are doing install the tile correctly. According to Sears Newmarket Flooring "Someone has to be blamed". This is now 8 months later and not a damn thing has been done. I'm out $20,000.00 and my floors look terrible! Really think when you want to do your floors because Sears will not stand behind it!

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