We had a GREAT experience with Sonoma Contracting building our basement from the ground up. Mike and Aldo were always so pleasant to deal with and very responsive. They gave us the opportunity to have a very fluid design plan and never batted an eye if we wanted to make changes. Any request, big or small, was always met with a very happy “Whatever you want!” We appreciated this so much because it’s hard to know what the plan on paper will look like in reality. Also, all of Mike’s subcontractors were top notch too. The framers, plumbers, electricians, tile setters, painter, etc were all very professional and great to deal with. We were in very good hands from start to finish and without a doubt would happily enlist Sonoma’s services in the future. If you’re considering hiring them, feel free to ask Mike for our number and we’ll gladly chat with you. Or better yet, come see their work!

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