when we were looking online for an air duct cleaning company we ran into a lot of bad reviews. So we called about a dozen and found that the person on the other line at ontario power a.d.c was the most knowledgable and most willing to answer our questions. We hired them and as it turns out they came to our house and did a great job and even answered more of our questions. They did try to sell us some extra services relating to ducts/furnace stuff but didnt push it when we declined. Actually we were surprised when we were willing to pay for more work on dryer cleaning, he checked and said it wasnt necessary - he could have said we needed to and taken our money! Anyway, all in all very friendly, knowledgable, and honest. We will recommend them.

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Thank you very much for restoring our bathroom to it's original glory! Our bathroom tiles were in such bad shape before you came and in just a few hours you completely cleaned and re-grouted them beautifully. You were professional, efficient, hard-working and kind. If only every contractor was like you! We will recommend you to everyone we know. Thank you again! B.B. - Mississauga

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thank you for your review