I had a tank that needed replacing, Kristian was professional from the start. He provided an estimate, picked up a new unit and completed the installation with no surprises. The old unit was removed and disposed. He also fixed two loose faucets just because he noticed them.

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Thanks for the review. We look forward to working with you again.


Got an estimate from Susan, the work was done once the weather cooperated. The power washing did not get out stains, I'm assuming no detergent used. The sand used did not match the existing brick, i mentioned this but was told that that's the colour they had. Since they had already started, i let it go. The repair work was done and seems to be holding. unfortunately the polymeric started coming out and I have weeds growing again within 1 month of the work being done. I contacted Susan who initially said she would come back , since then multiple emails and phone calls have resulted in silence. Based on my experience the post work service, i would not recommend this company. I'm guessing they do not rely on repeat business. I held off on putting in a review to see if they would call back.

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