I used Roof Whisperer to replace a large broken skylight. I began experiencing leaks in surrounding ceiling not long afterwards. I had them come back and Arthur told me I needed an entirely new roof (in a 6 yr old house) They never got back to me with a quote and I had 2 other companies come in and look at our roof. All the reports were that our roof was of the utmost top quality and in fantastic condition but that the issue was that the skylight that had been installed was too large for the space and the Roof Whisperer had thrown in some crappy workmanship to hide this fact and we were getting tons of water leaking in through it. On top of that they installed a large, flat skylight on a flat roof, with no attempt to build a proper curb to create an angle so that the water would run off and not leave stains and dirt. Not only did they do a horrible job with the skylight install, but when I had them come back months later (not knowing any of this yet) to address my leaks Arthur tried to sell me on a 10 day job of a complete roof replacement that was in NO WAY NEEDED and also wouldn't have fixed their botched job to begin with!

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Hi AWCrone,
Thank you for your review. I apologize on behalf of everyone at The Roof Whisperer for your bad experience with us. We rely on our workers when it comes to their work and opinions. In your case, we had a bad apple in our crew. ILIR, fortunately, no longer works for us. He should have sloped the curb and ordered the skylight to fit in the opening. It could have been much better, more accessible and less work. Also, he did not thoroughly assess the rest of the roof. However, I should have come out personally and checked the work after completion. Lesson learnt. I offered to make it right free of charge, but I did not get a response.
I have to add also that I did my best to my knowledge to find and show you all deficiencies on the roof. The membrane and roof were six years old, but many things were wrong. I was there missing flashing on each side of the dormers in front. Three leaks were not related to the skylight at all. The membrane around the skylight was in good condition, and no way it was leaking there. One leak was in the bathroom in front of the house, where water was pooling on the flat roof. One leak was lined up with a damaged pipe stack where I could fit my hand through. The other leak was lined with pop-up nails and torn membrane 4 ft away from the skylight.
In no way was I trying to sell anything, and that is why I did not send a quote till you have other opinions.
I hope whoever fixed the roof or the skylight has managed to resolve all roof leaks.