Colin told me the tree was a Manitoba Maple. I‘d been putting it off for a few years at this point, but it had to go. There were probably 3 main trunks growing up and between the telephone lines. I asked him to take special care because I just got my driveway paved and I was worried the asphalt might still be pretty soft. He told me they’d rig everything down, and on account of the telephone wires they were already taking the process slow and careful. I had a doctor’s appointment for around 1030 and came back around 1230. They were about half way done. I’m a little nosey when people work on my house, so I’d check in and give them a few waters. Anyways I watched them use the ropes and nothing got damaged. They got the tree down for 3 and cleanup was done for 6. It seemed like a pretty long day for two guys. The leaf blower was a nice touch since it let me make sure there was no damage to the asphalt underneath all the wood chips. They were clean, friendly, I thought it’d take two days but I was wrong. Very pleased, would recommend them.

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Thank you so much for your kind words. We pride ourselves on what we do and work diligently to provide the utmost of service to our clients.

It was a pleasure to help you with your Manitoba Maple.