Colin was trying to tell me that these trees need to go, but my family just loves them, especially in autumn they make my front yard look outstanding. I couldn’t imagine them being gone. There was a whole bunch of dead stuff in the canopy, and I couldn’t have my children coming and going under it. It was over the driveway. I didn’t have the heart to chop it down so I asked if pruning could save it. I’d say about a quarter of the canopy was dead branches. He couldn’t guarantee the tree would make a comeback, but he said maybe the living branches would grow where the dead one got taken out. He said it took him longer than expected cause he had to work around the living branches. When I got home all the dead branches were cleared out. Will see what happens next year… I was glad that Colin gave me the two options, next year if the trees really dead than I’ll call him back. Will see and hopefully that doesn’t have to happen.

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Hi JDarnbrough,

Thank you for entrusting us with your situation. We were so happy to clear out those branches and keep your lovely trees. Should you need anything at all, please contact us, it would be a pleasure.

We remain,
Sincerely yours.