This review is well overdue as we had Acorn come in last year and the year before to work on our house. I have been really busy but have not forgotten the great work that they did at our place. We bought an old house with the intent of renovating it. However, it wasn't until I removed the old carpet that I realized how poorly the house was built. Some rooms were slanted badly and the stairs were not flat. Ron came to have a look and made suggestions of possible solutions that could fix our problems. He was very knowledgeable and pointed out things that other contractors didn't catch when they came to provide a quote. We felt at ease that we were choosing someone that clearly knew their stuff. Sandy was also great when we went to their shop to look at the different flooring options. She was able to help us find something that suited our taste and fit our budget. Since I was doing most of the renovations by myself while maintaining my full time job, the progress on my home project was very slow. Acorn was very patient and was able to split the flooring project to accommodate my pace. Ron had his team come in to perform the leveling and install the laminate on a couple of the floors of the house. Then Ron and his son rebuilt the first flight of stairs. What a huge difference! We were extremely happy with the results. We were able to move in after that which made it easier for me to work on the rest of the house. The second time they came in was to finish the laminate for the remainder of the house and rebuild another set of stairs. This was during the great heat wave of 2021. The "feels like" temp in Port Coquitlam during those few days was close to 50 degrees Celsius. I was surprised to not receive a call from Acorn to reschedule but really appreciated that they respected our time as we were hoping to get it done as soon as possible. Ron and his son still came in and got the job done. The quality was again top notch. How they managed to withstand the heat outside to cut the flooring still amazes me. This showed me that they were really dedicated to their work and it turned out great. We get a lot of complements about the floor when guests come to visit. We want to give a big thank you to everyone at Acorn. We couldn't have done this project with them.

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