My furnace recently broken down in a cold night, I called for saving Inc and they sent Tony, it was very late but Tony still drove 50 minutes to my place, he patiently inspected my furnace and provided me all options, and suggested the best model with the best price (without me having to negotiate), before he left he even provided me two room heater to use to keep the house warm. The next day the installation team came and they have the new furnace installed very professionally, the technicians were very nice, they kept the place very clean after the work, they also explained me all the maintenance work to keep the furnace in good shape. Overall I am very satisfied with their work and their products.

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Hi Jesse
Thank you for your review about Lennox Furnace installation. We truly appreciate your heating and air conditioning business.


We have a very horrible experience with Baycliff homes, they have a really bad customer experience. We sighed an offer with them last year, and we wanted to make some changes to the layout, they were very unwilling to do the changes for us, and for the thing they agreed to do, they offered a very unreasonable high price, plus it took very long for them to respond to any of your request. Then we decided to drop the offer because of this plus our lawyer's concern. And because we terminated the offer within our conditional period, so I asked them to return my cheques. Then the painful experience began. The sales office told me that they will return our pre-dated cheques in few days. But we waited a week and a half, the cheque still hadn't come. So I wrote them (the owner Carlo and sales person) an email ask for the cheques, I waited for another three days, nobody replied back to me to explain. So I wrote another email again, the next day, the sales person replied and said she was very sorry and promised she will get the cheques to the office two days after. So we believed and waited, But the next day, the owner wrote me an email with very unfriendly and un-professionaly wording, he just told me they already mailed my cheques a week ago ( which was quite different as what the sales people told me), and he even said Bacliffe is not responsible for my cheques, etc. I still believed the sales person, so I went to her office on the day she promised will get me the cheque, but when I arrived in the office, they told me the cheques was changed to arrive in the office the next Monday, so I waited until next Monday, nobody call me, and I waited until Wensday, I called the sales office, the sales lady told me she will contact the builder again and get me reply by next day. So I wait and wait, until the weekend, the sales lady never called me back. In the weekend, I went to the sales office again, this time the sales person looks like he forgot everything, and told me that he was not sure where the cheques is. So I asked him to call the builder, the builder didn't reply the call. The I told him he must let the builder know I were very serious and want the builder call me to explain. I left after he promised he will contact the builder. But I wait until the end of the day, still nobody called me to explain anything. All I feel is that Baycliff Homes is not a reputable builder, I feel they are not responsible, no customer care, can't keep any promise, I think what they are treating to the customer will simply damage their reputation.

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