Fantastic. We found asbestos-containing material in the house and David of Amosite generously helped us through a challenging situation with no charge. We reimbursed him his cost of testing two samples. All of his consultation and assistance was pro bono. We hired a different company that was cutting corners, with an owner that was very confrontational and defensive about any questions being asked. And he was not going to provide the proper paperwork to prove the abatement was completed properly - which is required to protect the value of the house. Be very careful, that other company had 20 reviews with a very good rating. We wouldn’t have known what was missing if we hadn’t talked to someone who knew better. And what expert with decades of experience and busy with his company is going to spend time on the phone providing advice… for free? That’s what David did, and then dealt with the owner of the other company directly on our behalf to get the situation resolved. I highly recommend giving Amosite a call. Regardless of who you decide to hire, talking to Amosite will be time well spent. The situation arose after we had scheduled a company for the abatement. The owner was really good to deal with. But one of his crew members wasn’t feeling well (during the time that COVID distancing was becoming a high priority) so he wasn’t able to send the crew. With best intentions he recommended this smaller company who he’d dealt with before. We made a rush decision as we had a major project underway in the house and we had the floor torn up in about half of our house. That turned out to be a mistake. They left out several of the aspects of the job that were agreed upon and left pieces of asbestos containing material scattered around after the job was supposedly done. My husband dealt with the individual directly to clean up the obvious missed items, but then spent many hours in a P100 respirator and protective gear doing a thorough cleaning. (try finding a P100 mask in March of 2020). After seeing the lack of quality work, it came as little surprise that the owner wasn’t going to provide adequate paperwork. David offered to call that person and assist him in being able to provide the proper documents. Without David's help, I don't know how we would have resolved the situation. If you have any asbestos questions or issues, or anything else in the realm of what Amosite does, give them a call. Sincere thanks to David for being a big help to a family in a very stressful situation. Tanya and Kevin

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Company Response

Tonya Kevin,

Thank you so much.
I'm very pleased everything worked out well for you and your family.
Thank you so much for the effort you put into writing this review.

We had a meeting with the crew of the company,

We will continue to put the effort In creating the highest standards possible.

Good luck with your project please do not hesitate to give me a call if you require any assistance

David Hansraj and the crew of Amosite


Terrible experience. Poor communicators, inefficient, untrained and aggressive individuals that do not care about your personal belongings. Items were damaged during our move. We contacted customer service and manager for repairs. They did not responded after over 6 follow ups. I would not recommend this company.

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Company Response

Hi Tanya,

We are sorry you had a bad experience with your move, however, our movers are Trained with multiple years experience. There was a communication issue as you had multiple moving locations and kept changing the times, and which locations to go to first. As for the damaged item, Unfortunately, the odd time things can happen. We do apologize for the Mirror frame that did fall and cracked. Please also keep in mind that you did sign our damage waiver in which you agreed that in the event of any damages that you would go through your personal insurance. We did receive your emails and we did mention to you over the phone and through email that the claims manager was out of the country for a family emergency for a few weeks and asked you to email with a list of your damaged items, so when he gets back we can pass it on to him. You sent a few more emails to the claims manager (who we already explained was not in the country). The claims manager has just arrived back and is getting through all his emails and workload that has backed up. We would have hoped you would have had some patience for him to get back to you to resolve this issue before writing a bad review. We would have offered to fix the damages even though we were not liable too. You had also asked for hours of moving time to be refunded due to the confusion of locations and times. We did decline your request as the confusion was due to you changing the information the day before, the day of and during the move.