The last 3 times our furnace has stopped working i have called to get emergency service, get told they have no one on call to make it out till next day. I have always paid someone else to come and fix it cause i can't sit in my home for a whole day and night when the temperature is below zero degrees. I don't know why i am paying for a home comfort plan when they can't even get someone out here to fix it before night fall. I am getting sick and tired of this terrible service. It is the worst service i have ever had and will most definatley be looking for another company to deal with in the future. I would never recommend this company to any one. Specially families with small children. It is not right to be paying for a protection service where you get no protection.

Approximate cost of services:
What could this company do to improve their services?
Have more people on call!!!!!!!!!!
Any advice to offer fellow homeowners facing a similar project?
Don't use this company!!!!!! It's the worst customer service company of all time.
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Company Response

I'm sorry to hear about the experience Kim. Please email me at and I will work to provide you with some answers. Thanks in advance. RM