I did not have a good experience with this contractor. Very unprofessional and the job is left half done. I signed the contract with Billy back in May, it is now September, and the job just looks very sloppy. First, his workers cracked the sidewalk and he refused to fix it until I got a warning from the city. Second, they refused to cut the curb, which was part of his quote and the contract. Third, when they showed up to apply the asphalt on the driveway, they put asphalt over the city water valve and when my dad told them this is wrong he was cursed at and was told to “shut up” by one of the workers. Again, they refused to cut the curb because the line drawn by the city was faded and he wanted them to draw the line again. We called the city, they drew the line again, and it is now more than a month I am waiting for Billy’s team to cut the curb. He keeps telling me to wait for his notice. In addition, the driveway looks uneven and the asphalt has many holes in it, which looks like it would wear off by next winter. The pictures talk for itself.

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