Always late. Missed at least one day a week when he could only work 4 day weeks to begin with. Started the entire job a week and a half late due to being sick. When he did come he spent a few days at least running back and forth to the bathroom. Always had excuses to not show up. Couldn't estimate needed materials to save his life. I had to make at least 30 trips to the hardware store as well as him making trips almost daily. Made ROOKIE mistakes. MistakesI had point out, and I'm not mr handy by any means. Some of those mistake could have cost me my house and lives of my family. Damaged my furnace to the point that we had to have it serviced and may still have to replace it entirely due to him not sealing off when he cut through the cement floor. And he had all the exact same excuses for his shoddy work as I've seen in the other reviews. Blamed them on changes, bad tools, bad plumber etc. He doesnt accept responsibility what so ever.

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